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What is STEMspace?

STEMspace is an educational research & development facility open to the public. We provide resources to the community and other organizations which allow them to engage in a variety of activities including scientific research, technological & product development, education & skills training, and even networking & business development.


Research & Development

Conduct your own scientific research and develop new technologies with access to all the resources you need. 


Prototype and produce goods right here  with access to the fabrication lab and micro-manufacturing facility.


Make beautiful art and express your creativity as a way to further enhance the STEM fields.

Education & Skills Training

Attend classes and demonstrations or teach your own! Group and one-on-one available in a variety of disciplines.


Collaborate with other community members and work together on various projects.

Business Development

Take advantage of the incubator space and resources to turn your project into a viable business model.


  • Free access to basic tools
  • Premium access w/ paid membership
  • Expert consultation & tech support
  • Classes, workshops, demonstrations


  • Job training
  • Research & development
  • Dedicated access areas
  • Networking & co-working


  • Course offerings & classes
  • Dedicated access areas
  • Research & development
  • Student project assistance


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