How It Works

Community Members

  1. Think of a project
  2. Register as a member
  3. Gain access to all the resources your project needs
  4. Collaborate with STEMspace or other members
  5. Begin your project and document your progress
  6. Receive insight and help when needed
  7. Complete your project
  8. Share your results!

All projects will be open-sourced and licensed under creative commons through STEMspace.


Reasearch & Development

If you are a business looking to conduct your own research and development, STEMspace can provide the tools and resources your company needs. With a shared-cost program, we can provide everything you need to complete your project. Reach out to a rep today to discuss your project needs and goals.

Job Training

If your business is looking for skilled workers or is looking to train current employees to handle new technologies and developments, STEMspace can provide the resources needed by your company.

STEMspace will work very closely with your company to develop a specific, custom-tailored training program for new or current employees. Our facility provides a shared resource so your company doesn’t have to invest in additional overhead, resources or labor costs.

Reach out to us today to discuss your employment training needs!

Educational Institutions

Resource Access

Whether you are a high school, college, university, trade school or other educational institute, STEMspace can provide much-needed resources to expand your curriculum.

Our facility is catered to providing specific hands-on experience in any field. Your students can gain access to high-end equipment and resources that are otherwise expensive or costly to maintain. Our shared-cost model guarantees access at extremely affordable rates. No additional overhead, upfront expenses, maintenance and labor will save you significant costs and allow you to expand your curriculum to be more effective and efficient.


STEMspace can work with your departments to create unique classroom experiences that were otherwise unattainable. We can develop single classes as a additional part of your courses or we can create entire courses for your students to experience. Courses and class structures can be catered to meet any requirements needed while providing full access to the resources students need.