The STEMspace facility includes a plethora of resources for teams of collaborators to come together to create amazing designs and solutions. You can create products, run experiments, or develop solutions to problems using the state-of-the-art facility, FOR FREE!!!

Computer Stations

  • Asus Intel Celeron 4 GB Chromebox
  • Acer Touchscreen Monitor
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Color Laser Printer

Conference Room

  • 3 Meter Round Table w/ Chairs
  • 100 Square Feet of Whiteboard
  • Projector and Screen
  • Office Supplies


  • Electronics
  • Test tubes, slides, chemicals
  • Cameras & Sensors
  • Microscopes, telescopes & optics
  • Testing Equipment

Construction & Building Materials

  • Large Selection of Lumber, Metals, Plastics, Stone and Other Materials
  • Piping, Spring Systems, Glass and Pre-cut Designs
  • Paints, Finishes, Polish


  • Saws, Hammers, Screws and Other Construction Tools
  • Metal Welders
  • Ladders and Scaffolds


  • Collaborate with other people who are experts in various fields