The current location for STEMspace is located in Kutztown, PA. Although we are not currently open to the public, we plan to be as soon as the required funding is secured. Below is our current list of inventory.



The metalworking station includes safety gear, a welder for TIG or stick, a home-made metal furnace for melting and forging, a variety of grinders, presses, hand & power tools and a changing selection of scrap metals when available.


The woodworking station includes a variety of saws, sanders and hand & power tools needed for any carpentry projects. There is also a changing selection of scrap wood when available.

Electronics & Robotics

There is a wide selection of electronic components from basic resistors and LEDs to microcontrollers, a variety of Arduino modules, and soldering tools. There is also a self-guided printed-circuit board (PCB) table.

Computer Lab

A variety of computers are available for design and software purposes.

2D and 3D Tools

There are several 3D printers available including the Dremel Digilab, HICTOP Prusa, and even a selection of 3D pens and all necessary accessories.

Plans for a laser cutter/engraver are in the making as well as a carbon fiber printer from MakerBot.


There are a variety of scientific exploration areas when students can interact with and view demonstrations and (eventually) will be able to conduct guided experiments of their own choosing.

Labs will include chemistry, biology, materials, botany, physics and more.


The art lab includes a variety of mediums and supplies including digital arts. Paints, canvases, cameras, green screens, computers, musical instruments, and other art tools are available.


Various tools for manipulation of fabrics is available including sewing machines, embroiders, spinners and even a loom. Scrap fabrics and other materials are available.

Entertainment & Social

A relaxing lounge area is available with entertainment including video games, ping pong, foosball and more.