To provide free resources for creating projects and to promote open source research and development.

What is STEMspace?

STEMspace is a free public facility where members of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) community can collaborate on projects with access to necessary resources including tools, computers, equipment, information and other collaborators.

STEMspace is based on Open design and Open source concepts. Our goal is to promote free and open-source hardware, similar to the open-source movement in software development.

Think FabLab + TechShop + GoogleX

We are not just a makerspace, although a component of our facility is dedicated to ‘making’. We also promote research and development as a much needed extension to a traditional general workshop. Please contact us to find out how this can help you or your company grow by harnessing the resources we have available.

It’s Free!

Our ‘freemium’ model allows anyone to come here and get stuff done, even utilizing the materials we have, without a single cost to you! Of course the ‘free access’ membership has some restrictions, but it is enough to complete most small scale projects such as printing your own toys or building a home foundry!

The premium membership or “pay-as-you-go” plan allows access to equipment that would otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars. We also supply the needed technical support and think tank specialists for managing your big project if desired.